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Forward and Back

Backgammon has been around during the ancient times. No one knows for sure when the game started to exist but it is said to have existed since 500 BC. From then up to now, not much technicality and form has changed, rather, backgammon has been redefined with a number of variants present today.

Backgammon was so named because of how it is played. With the roll of the dice, the moves are coordinated accordingly like for example, if the dice show a 3 and 5, a checker is moved 3 steps forward and another checker is moved 5 steps backward. If the dice show a double, the number of checkers moved is the same as the number of spaces apart to advance.

At present, backgammon can be played through the Internet, with the other players all over the world. While some prefer the conventional style, backgammon players convene in clubs and tournaments to meet up and discuss strategies and play against each other. Through the Internet, players create a community where anyone can set up a play, raise a stake or open a tournament. Doing so, backgammon has become popular again among the young and old alike. Tournaments are set up to attract crowds and enthusiasts with large stakes yet, these tournaments are mostly held in casinos where the stakes are doubled using the doubling cube. For players who prefer a comfortable venue, they can purchase backgammon software that they can download on their computers that they can play at anytime.

The game of backgammon has simple rules to start the game. The board has 24 points shaped as narrow triangles. The points are alternate in color and are spread over the board in groups of six. There are two types of quadrants for the players, the outer board and the home board. These quadrants are separated by a bar in the center of the board. The players have 15 checkers each. The checkers are positioned as 2 on twenty-fourth point, 5 on thirteenth point, 3 on eighth point and 5 on sixth point for each player's board. The movement of the checkers must be in a horse-shoe shape, passing through the bar. The first to move all of his checkers wins the game.

Knowing the simple rules of backgammon is one step to understanding the game and with careful planning and luck anyone can win the game quickly. Strategies are combined to put up a play against the opponent to ensure an advantage.

Playing backgammon is like bringing back history. The Egyptians, Persians and Romans played this game during the ancient civilization, learning the basics of planning and strategy.