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How Can Beginners Use the Priming Game

Most beginners would often remember that making points on the backgammon board keeps their checkers safe. It is only a matter of course that they would use safe practices and usually play safe during an entire game. One step forward and upward using this strategy is for a backgammon beginner to learn how to do a priming game.

A prime is made up of secured points lined up in a row. It can be made of three to six points in a row all filled up with at least two points. Beginners will love to hear that they can turn a safe practice into a major backgammon strategy.

There will even be times when both players have set up their own primes. This is an interesting backgammon game to observe.

One key feature or use of a priming game is that they can be used to block off or trap enemy checkers. More often than not, if you are able to grow your prime to six points, any enemy checker left by your opponent behind that prime is very well stuck.

Given this situation where your opponent's checkers are trapped behind your prime, don't be surprised that there'll come a time when your opponent will have to forfeit several turns. This is now a wonderful opportunity to seize the lead in the game.

More often than not, any backgammon player who is able to set-up a six-point prime becomes a clear favorite to win a game of backgammon. Nevertheless, proper judgement is still advised for any backgammon player who is able to set up a wonderful priming game.

When you are able to execute a priming game, remember that the size of your prime matters a lot to keep you the favorite to win a backgammon game. Try to make your prime longer (up to six points if need be). Size doesn't only mean length by the way. It also means having some checkers to spare.

Keeping spare checkers takes into account the possibility of making a bad roll (like an unlucky double that forces you to break your prime). Remember that in order for an opponent to counter your priming game is simply to lag behind in the pip count and make you lose other alternatives and force you to break up your prime.

The priming game is a great strategy that backgammon beginners can add to their current strategy. Understanding the principles behind a priming game adds to a beginner's arsenal in backgammon.