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Popular Backgammon Software

Backgammon is a popular board game believed to have the longest history of evolution. Rooted from an ancient origin, backgammon revolved into many variants on how the game is played and acquired probably the most name variations in every country to which it was introduced and played.

Backgammon is a game that able to up keep with the growing modern technologies introduced at the current time. From the traditional board game, it sweeps the Internet with flying colors. Though there were some variations made on how the game may be played, the traditional rules applied to backgammon remain unchanged.

The backgammon game requires skills on the ability to make a good move in every roll of the dice. It does not take overnight to master the skills required in playing backgammon. But the learning process of knowing the game's rules and conditions is not as hard as it seems.

The introduction of backgammon software on the Internet is a good indication that the backgammon game is trying to keep up with the modern simulation games now popularly played on the Internet. Backgammon software is designed to help a player practice their skills of playing backgammon against a computer. Some popular backgammon software popularly used by backgammon players are as follows:

Snowie backgammon software is undoubtedly a darling and a must among serious backgammon players. Snowie backgammon software uses an advanced and unique artificial intelligence program. This backgammon software is highly recommended by famous backgammon players. The manufacturer of Snowie backgammon software has designed its version 4 and believed to be a strong opponent against any human player. The best software only comes with the best price holds true to Snowie backgammon software. The professional version costs more than any other backgammon software. But it has a student version which comes at a considerably lower price than the professional version.

Gnu backgammon software is also one among the best software for backgammon. It enables the player to analyze a given situation in order to determine a best play. It is an analytical tool which you can play against. The software is presently a work in progress with a downloadable current version. Unlike Snowie, the Gnu backgammon software interface however is not as user friendly.

One of the original and powerful backgammon software is the Jellyfish believed to give the best backgammon player only 55% win against it. It is helpful software that provides comprehensive details on the best possible move to make. It allows every game to be set at a desired skill level. It has various versions with a free download version available.

A previous winner of two backgammon computer Olympiads, the Bgblitz software has various features in single backgammon software. It is cheaper compare to the other software available in the market. It functions based on its algorithm input which helps a player evaluate the best position and the best move to take and gives an advice on the proper use of the cube. It is helpful software that supports a player's skills at considerably a lower price to purchase.