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To Believe or not Believe: Backgammon Myths Uncovered

Backgammon is considered as one of the oldest board games around, and it is believed to have originated somewhere in Mesopotamia, in what is now the Iraq-Iran-Syria region. In all the years that the game has been played, myths about the game rose, spread, and stayed, to the point that some of them are now considered true.

Backgammon is considered to be a game of luck and skill, although some might argue that its all skill, and some, the opposite. Whether you believe that the game is purely dependent on luck or not, it is up to you. But there are other myths about the game, as equally popular, and they might not at all be true, but it will be fun knowing them just the same.

1. Luck drives the game.

It would be safe to say that luck takes a small part in everything, but in backgammon skill has more to do with winning than luck. Skill is the main thing the you have under your control, and how skilled you are in moving your pieces against your opponent will determine how the game ends for you.

Winning will depend on the odds, and how you play the odds will determine the games outcome.

2. It wont make any difference in your game if you play with backgammon computer programs, since most of these programs are inaccurate at times.

It is true that these programs can make positioning mistakes at times, but they are far more accurate than even the best backgammon player, therefore, you wont be losing anything if you practice your game skills on these programs.

3. You cannot trust online rolls.

Some people might complain that the rolls they get online seem to be driving them to the losing end. But dice rolls online are completely random, even if that might not seem so.Studies have shown that the way online dice is is rolled is just similar to dice rolled in real life. So when you heat someone complain about the dismal turn of his rolls, don't think its the program's fault. It could be that the player is simply starting to play worse but is refusing to see it.

4. To be a great backgammon master, you need to do a lot of practice and play.

From the experiences of the 'better' players, to be a great player one must not only play and practice, but more importantly, study the game. Players who have been successful in the game have done so with the combination of lots of practice and application of gammon theories, mathematical skills and strategy.

You can do this by reading books, or you can learn from a teacher or a coach. Any way you do it, you will benefit from doing your homework and practicing at the same time.